General introduction

Based on the importance of the concept of municipal creativity and innovation, the Municipality has given attention to the creative proposals aimed at To develop performance and improve the quality of services, achieve consistency and integration between the Municipality and members of the community, and encourage Entrepreneurial spirit to invest innovations, and contribute to achieving the Municipality’s vision of an efficient municipal system It achieves the desired sustainable development and enhances the standards of quality of life in the Al-Baha region. The municipal creativity and innovation management system (to be creative) provides a mechanism for communication to encourage receiving all proposals. Those involved in the municipal sector (such as: employees, the government sector, the private sector, dealers, suppliers, Partners, the community, the business community), as the system provides a mechanism for evaluating, studying and following up the suggestions received implemented.

Axis system

1- About Municipal Creativity (an introductory overview of the system)

It is an electronic suggestion system for the Municipality and its affiliated municipalities, where all stakeholders can (employees, dealers, suppliers, contractors, consultants, residents, partners, business owners and visitors) and others) to enter their suggestions into the system and follow them up, which would help to achieve continuous improvement And the development of work methods systems and work procedures in the institution and the quality of services provided, with appreciation And honoring the participants in the system and all contributors with the Department of Municipalities and Transport in its efforts to achieve excellence.

2 - Mechanisms of operation of the system

All suggestions are respected by specialists and residents. Whatever the size or scope of the proposal, Therefore, meticulous procedures are followed to receive proposals, which are as follows: - Introducing the proposal in the Municipal Creativity and Innovation Management System (Be Creative) Notifying the proponent of receiving his proposal through e-mails or text messages, which he specifies. In them - the date and time automatically to guarantee the rights of the proposal in the priority of the proposal. - Evaluation of the proposal according to the evaluation criteria - Review the proposal and send it to the authority concerned with implementation. - Informing the proposer of the acceptance and implementation of his proposal, or not accepting it, with a statement of the reasons. - Honoring the creativity of the proposals.

3 - System communication tools

Text messages or e-mails (according to your choice through the input suggestions page) will be received in each The stage reached by the proposal (example: the end of the evaluation period and the number of points obtained by the proposal, when transferring The proposal is sent to the body concerned with implementation) or an e-mail can be sent to the proposals unit for inquiries.

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