The northern gate of the Al-Baha region is considered one of the tourist stations that face the vacationer on his way from Taif to Al-Baha and Abha through the mountains and hills that undulate on their sides, mountains and valleys. Trees, bushes and green herbs are scattered, forming a painting of the natural beauty of the universe. 70 km and is characterized by its location between a number of mountains, the most prominent of which is Mount Eisan, which made it of great importance among the municipalities of the region. It has many projects and services. It is located on the heights of the Sarawat Mountains, between longitude (41) and latitude (20), and it rises from sea level by approximately (1800) meters. About 180 km from Taif and about 370 km from Abha. It has a population of more than 15,000 people.


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  • الخدمات البلدية بشكل عام

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