Al-Baha Heritage

 The Al-Baha region abounds with a diversity of dialects, arts, agricultural and animal products, and wild plants. And they go back in lineage to Azd, a great tribe from Qahtan.

Folklore in Al-Baha 

 The folklore in Al-Baha is numerous, including “Al-Lab”, “Al-Mashabani”, “Al-Samer” and “Al-Qaf”, in addition to “Tariq Al-Jabal”, “Al-Harmouj”, “Al-Zar” and “Al-Libini”. The lion's share, as it is still steadfast until now, and it is a dance in which the military parade takes place, and in which the men wear military uniforms of musabat, bullets, and janabi, and rifles are also used in it, and it is held in a wide field in the middle of which is the minister and the poet, and surrounded by a row of crossbars.

The art of "playing" is often practiced after the performance, and it can be done inside the house for ease of performance, where two rows stand facing each other with the presence of the zir and the poet. This legacy is no longer practiced unlike the past.

Al-Baha Fashion 

 The fashion of the Al-Baha region may not be confined to the people of the region, as some tribes participate in it, as is the case in folk arts. Where the women pay it while the men take care of the embroidery.