About service

  • A service that allows the provision of a display of the Municipality of the Al -Baha region and the municipalities associated with it by the beneficiaries through the website of the Al -Baha Municipality, with the ability to inquire about the transaction later with the transaction number that will reach the beneficiary as a SMS text message

Application steps

    - Enter the website of the Municipality of Al-Baha and choose the service of submitting an e-letter

    - Login to the service through the unified national access.

    - Fill out the application form

    - Acceptance of pledges

    - Click on the submit application button

    The user guide can be viewed by clicking here


    - The obligation to choose the authority to the displayed, whether Al -Baha, or one of the associated municipalities

    - Obligation to enter the treatment address

    - Obligation to enter the mobile number

    - Obligation to attach the letter from the button (Choose a file) if the attachment of a letter is chosen

    - The obligatory writing the text of the supply in the field (the text of the transaction) in the event that the creation of a text letter is chosen

    - The obligatory choice of approval for pledges

Government requirements

    - The sender bears the validity of the request and attachments.

    - Taking into account the brevity and clarity and the use of appropriate words, and commitment to the etiquette of communication.

    - That the request is not preceded by a request that is still under municipality or its municipals, except in the event that the previous request is new, or he needs to attach what is new about it.


  • Not Exist

Agreement to use the electronic services of the Municipality of Al-Baha Region

Through the username and password used in the unified national access platform
Start using service يجب الموافقة علي اتفاقية الاستخدام قبل بدء الخدمة

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