The municipality of Ghamid al-Zinad Governorate was established in 1429 AH, and it is one of the governorates of the Al-Baha region. It is located in the southeastern corner of it. It is 100 km away from the emirate of the region. It is administratively affiliated with three centers, which are the Batat Center, 23 km away from the governorate center, the Nasbah Center and the Maswada Mountains, 17 km away from the governorate center, and the Yabis Center, which is 17 km away from the governorate center. It is 73 km from the center of the governorate, and it enjoys a beautiful nature, so the land is covered with a green suit due to the expansion of agricultural lands and pastures. The area of ​​the municipality's services is 605 square kilometers, and it includes the governorate of Ghamid al-Zinad and its three affiliated centers. The population is 21,700, with a growth rate of 2.7% annually, while the number of villages is 184.


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