It serves the municipality of Al-Makhwah Governorate and its administrative centers with 7 centers. The population is 63,705 people. The governorate is located in the southwestern part of the Tihami sector. There are many archaeological monuments in the governorate, such as the village of Dhi Ain, Jabal Shada, the upper and lower, the ancient village of Al-Makhawi, the Al-Ahabsa Dam and the Nawan Dam. It is characterized by mountainous terrain and also part Another is of a coastal nature.


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  • City cleanliness level

  • The quality of roads within the city and attention to their maintenance

  • The quality and maintenance of the city's infrastructure

  • City lighting and maintenance

  • City sidewalks and their maintenance

  • Afforestation and caring for the city

  • City parking

  • City parks, maintenance and cleanliness

  • Municipal services provided by residential plans

  • Municipal supervision of establishments

  • Electronic services provided

  • الخدمات البلدية بشكل عام

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